Hello and welcome to this
Directory of the
mr. obscure webpages.

What and who is mr. obscure?

Many have posed the question
throughout the centuries.

He was first spotted selling packs of
Marlboro to Roman soldiers in Gaul.

The next sighting was when
Al Capone attempted to assassinate
obscure during the St. Valentine's Day
massacre - a narrow escape.

There followed a fallow period
when nothing further was heard
until the evening
of the Sex Pistols notorious
riverboat concert in London
in 1977, when obscure
shared a cell with McClaren
and Vivienne Westwood.

After many years in the wilderness
this silly man re-emerged hosting
a number of fabulous
(mostly free mp3 music) webpages.

Which brings us up to date.

Here you will find active hyperlinks
to all the mr obscure locations:
and you'll be transported there.

Far out, right?

This page will also feature all the latest news,
additions and events happening on
any of the obscure pages, so it'll be
worth checking out fairly regularly, I'd say.

mr obscure can be reached via a good friend at:
and when he's finished doing the washing-up
and has avoided being yelled at by his woman
for not being able to read her mind, he'll reply to you.

He loves to hear from you!



'Pediments and Parapets' audiobook

I'd like to take this opportunity to
tell you a bit about the audiobook
version of my tenth novel.

It's called 'Pediments and Parapets' and is
an unusual thriller set in 1964, in England.

A teacher, a provocative schoolgirl, The Beatles
...these three elements combine to create an
intriguing set of circumstances.

Recording sessions took place throughout 2018.
(I record a few chapters one day each month,
although this is often delayed due to
circumstances beyond my control).

I know that time is such a premium
for you all in these technologically-intensive
days but I very much hope that at least some
of you will give the FREE mp3 audiobook
of 'Pediments and Parapets' a listen.

One of those adlinks which can take you straight
there is directly beneath these words.

Information About This Month's Peel Sessions


Ethereal Scottish oddballs
The Cocteau Twins taped three sessions
for John Peel, and the second, put down
in January 1983, is on offer to you this
month - for free.

Mancunian post-punk legends The Fall
recorded millions of Peel sessions.
The third, taped on 16/09/1980,
can now be yours, should you want it.

Obscure London outfit Hi Fi popped into
the BEEB's studios to record their only
session in March 1979.
It includes an INCREDIBLE track called
'The Silence.'

The second of four sessions from enigmatic
UK boffin-rockers Magazine was preserved
forever on 24/07/1978.

American alternative rockers The Pixies
recorded five sessions for Uncle John.
The third, presented to you this month,
was immortalised in April 1989.

Nottingham's Tindersticks taped the second of
three sessions for the former Mr Ravencroft,
and mr obscure is handing it to you.
It was commited to tape on 18/01/1994.

Completing the line-up for October 2019
we have the third of four Peel sessions
from poppy-but-interesting post-punk
rascals XTC, taped in November 1978.

You can nip along
to The Peel Sessions
by clicking on the
picture-link at the
top of this page.




Fantastic Thing in 'The Super Seventies'!


Not only are there 40 new tracks (as usual
on the first day, every two months) but
now there's also a superb box of mp3s which
gives you a unique audio history - archive
newsclips mixed with music -which has
been added to the Super Seventies page.

It's an exhaustive but impressive overview of an
awesome decade - for a massive jolt of nostalgia,
click on the Super Seventies link up near the
top of this page (or on the image of the
trouser-burstingly ravishing girl under these words)

and you'll go there more or less immediately.

mr obscure's favourite albums 1970 - 2000

The Stuart Jones Audiobook Directory

Have you heard about this webpage?

It's similar to the one you're looking at now, being another
Directory - a place to find other places - but it differs in that
this particular page has links to ALL the thrilling, sexy, strange
and provocative FREE audiobook adult fiction by Stuart Jones.

In one place!

Below this is yet another of those image links, to whizz you
there as if you were on a magic carpet...or something.




Q: On music 'blogs' there's always an archive
list of monthly dates (and years)
where people can go back to an earlier entry,
but you don't seem to do this. Why not?

A: I just find it complicates matters really.
It's cluttering up the place; I like the pages
to look clean, neat and above all to be easy
on the eye.

Q: There are no animated gifs, flash animation etc. Why?

A: Again, because without all those
distractions there's not too much
information to take in - I just want to get to
the point as quickly as possible, because
when I'm surfing the net that's how I
feel when I land on someone's website.

For example, often I'm left shouting

'where's the download link?' at the screen.
There's nothing more annoying.
Actually, there are a lot of things
more annoying - your lover leaving you;
a loved one dying, war declared.
But you see what I mean...

Q: There's usually a place on blogs where we
(the visitors) can leave a comment but there's
no feature like this on the mr. obscure pages.
Explain, please.

A: It's unnecessary. People can email me
via my old friend and majordomo
Stuart Jones at his email address
(stuart.jones40@ntlworld.com) which is always
provided on each page.

Q: I have some mp3 files which I'm convinced will
interest you and which perhaps you could use on
one or more of the webpages - how can I get these to you?

A: In the first instance by emailing the
address given and, if it's just a handful
of tracks, by attaching ONE mp3 at a time
to individual emails with a gap of five
or so minutes between sending each message.

These mp3s should be saved at a bit- rate
of either 128 or 160kbs.
Any higher and it may crash the
email system!

In the second instance, if it's entire albums
and/or a lot of stuff you could set up a
data-storage thing on one of those
file sharing places, then I could
download it from a link you could send me
in an email; if you live in the UK then you
could always send me the material on
either CDR or DVD through the post.

Q: I'm after a certain John Peel session or a
number of tracks from years ago and/or an
old album which I now can't find.
Is it ok to ask if you have any of them and if so
would you be prepared to do me copies?

A: Of course, that's absolutely fine.
But, especially where Peel sessions are
concerned, please remember that
I don't have EVERYTHING.

Q: Who, exactly, is responsible for all the mr. obscure output?
Do you have an office full of hard-working
employees at your beck and call 24 hours a day?

A: No, it's just me, doing it alone.
No money is involved, it's simply for
the love of it.

Q: Have you written any more novels,
and if so, will they be online audio books like
'The World Upstairs,' 'Minotaur,'
'The Frozen Years,'
'V is For...'
'Whiteout,' 'The League of Angels,'
'Peckerwood Avenue,' 'Talking In the Dark'
and 'The Nuisance'?

A: Yes, a tenth novel, 'Pediments and Parapets,'
has been written and the audio version is now online (see the visual adlinks for it elsewhere on this page)

Q: When rare photos of you appear on the pages
we never see your face. why?

A: Because I have absolutely no head.
It makes eating, drinking and speaking very
awkward indeed.
Kissing, of course, is out of the question.

Q: How can you still be alive when you were
supposed to be 'selling packs of Marlboro to Roman
soldiers in Gaul'?

A: I don't smoke or drink booze
and I go for long walks - so I don't
age as much as others. Good eh?


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